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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Conversations with the Kids

Monday morning always proves interesting. Someone is always grouchy about the weekend being over, someone is always happy to be headed back to school to visit with friends, but everyone is talkative at the breakfast table. Monday mornings are usually all about what the kids learned in Sunday School the previous day. I love to sit back and listen to them, testing their knowledge, and letting them test mine.
This morning was no different, all three kids were sitting at the table and the conversation went like this:
Jon: Mom, I know God made everything, but I wonder how.
Me: I do, too, Jon.                                  
Jon: Like fog, what was He thinking when He made fog? That’s what I wonder.
Me: That’s a very good question.
Jon: Hey, mom, do you know how God made me and you?
Me: (and yes, I know how God made man, but I always let him tell me) Hmmm….tell me how.
Jon: Dirt! He took some dirt, shaped it, and breathed life into it. DIRT!!!! I’m made from dirt, you’re made from dirt, dad’s made from dirt, Papa and GeGe are made from dirt!
At this Kim pipes up: I’m not made from dirt. I think God made me out of ham!