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Monday, September 12, 2011

Checkmate, Calvin!!!!

So the war continues with Calvin. That crazy cat is driving me nuts. He stares longingly out of the window, occasionally yeowling (that’s a yelled meow), he stalks me around the house and continues to glare at me. Every once in a while he’ll take a swipe at me as I walk past him. Oh, and suddenly he is showing all his love and devotion to The Hubs; purring and rubbing on him. Yea, whatever!
So, imagine his surprise when I brought home this little girl:

Squeee! Isn’t she adorable? She is a shelter kitty, only 6 weeks old. I requested to be her foster mommy until she is 8 weeks old and can be adopted (by me!!!!!). I was approved, cuz I’m great like that. Or maybe it had to do with the shelter ladies saying “If you can handle Calvin then you can handle any kitty!” That’s right, they still remember Calvin, and apparently I’m the crazy lady that adopted him. I guess they had a running bet there on how long it would take for me to bring him back and are quite shocked that he is happy and contented and doing great.
Well….he was happy. Now he’s just pissed. I thought he’d really like having a playmate around. Turns out I was wrong. Friday night was horrible, he was mad about the new kitten and basically just wanted to kill it. Saturday he was still hissing and spitting at it. But by Sunday the tides had turned and he seemed to accept that the kitten is staying. She wants nothing more than to play with him and be buddies. She chases him around and catches him off guard and scares the snot out of him. He acts like he is terrified of her.
And then THIS MORNING he actually engaged in some playtime with her. They chased each other around the house playing. The kids were yelling “Calvin is trying to kill her!!!” but I had to point out that he was playing. So it was a happy, happy morning.
Now here’s a pic of Sarabi (yep, that’s her name) sleeping with Jon, it’s where she has slept every night since she came home.