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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

I understand that this move is hard on all of us. We all have an adjustment period that will more than likely push us the brink of our sanity. But I do believe that one of us has already tumbled off that 'brink' and is now residing in a land of delirium and mischief and absolute corrupt behavior:
"Yo, can you fill my fishy up with catnip again? it's getting a little dull."

Senior Loco himself. And he's out of control.
Our house here is a lot smaller than the one in Mississippi, Halleluyer! (I recommend doing that in Madea's voice, after all it's her signature hallelujah, plus it's fun and who doesn't like to have fun.)
We have put the litter box out in the garage and the cats and are now totally used to going in and out to go potty. But here's the catch, with access to the garage Calvin hatched a plan, and evil plan.
He corrals poor 'Rabi into the garage and then comes back in where it's nice and cool, and then he guards the door. After a bit he'll go lay down somewhere, and when 'Rabi comes sneaking back in he instantly attacks here and runs her back into the garage.
This breaks my heart.
Poor 'Rabi has been with us for nearly a year now and she is being viciously bullied by him. I scold him, I crate him up away from her. I put their cat towers in different rooms, only to have him take over both towers and he attacks her if she touches hers.
For the first time ever I am having to feed them separately.
Poor, sweet 'Rabi.
Here she is after we put Calvin out in the garage and brought her in, she immediately jumped up on her perch and fell asleep. 
So I know she wants to be in the house with us, but Calvin the Horrible won't let her. And Calvin got out (it's one thing that is different here in town, we can't let Calvin out. But he is fighting us tooth and nail on this one) the other evening and 'Rabi took turns laying in each of our laps and giving us love.

But it's not just 'Rabi he's reeking his vengeance on. Oh no. As soon as we are asleep he sets out to destroy things. His main target is the kitchen. Now before I go into any detail let me be clear: the cats have a watering station, they have a dry food feeder that is full at all times, plus I feed them canned food twice a day (once before I go to bed). So I know he's not hungry.
But Calvin will drag down loafs of breaks and attack them, shedding them. Leaving pieces of bread and plastic bagging scattered across the kitchen floor. He will paw open our cabinets and forcibly knock down boxes of cereal. If a drink glass is left out he will attack it such a vengeance that the splatter from it will be enormous. And don't even get me started on what that creep is doing to our curtains.
Any suggestions?