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Friday, August 24, 2012

Wanna know something great about my oldest son Michael?

He’s grown now, in the Army. And he’s pretty independent. Always has been. When he was little we lived on base at Ft Lewis. Our housing was Evergreen housing, which was right by Madigan gate. Remember that, it’s important to this story, mmmmkay?

Michael had one of those battery-powered cars. He went everywhere on this (well, up and down Acoma Loop, anyways.) He also would recruit all the kids in the neighborhood to help him get it up the slide – one of those extra wide slides that was like 4 feel wide- and then he would go zooming down it. So yea, I was like awesome and all that. I probably have unclaimed “Mother-of-the-Year” awards out there (insert sarcasm here).
Anyhow, he loved this car.
He also LOVED to unlock the door. He could unlock the front door with ease, even at 4 years old. And the chain? Not a problem, he would build a tower of chairs, books, toys (you name it) and climb it so that he could unchain the door. And stealthy, this kid would not make a single noise while constructing elaborate towers. It was really quite amazing.

Now, picture me sleeping soundly, like a NORMAL mother would at midnight. Got a good image of that, okay, now picture me being awaken by very loud knocking on the front door- one might even call it banking.
What the heck? Right?
I open the door to find:
·      2 MPs
·      Michael
·      And his car
You get the picture? Good. You guessed it; he decided to go for a little midnight drive. Wanna know where he was headed? Out Madigan gate. Maybe he wanted a some Taco Bell, who knows.

In the end I wasn’t reported, his father was an MP there on Ft Lewis, and I had been an MP there. So we knew everyone. But still it was talk of post for a while. And the car? No, I didn’t pull the plug on it, but I did secure it in our garage every single night- and by secure I mean LOCK IT UP.

(The face of trouble right here, folks- back in the day)
(Also, he's awesome!)