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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boys these days need to learn to respect girls, seriously.

Don’t mess with my kids.
I am vicious and unrelenting when someone attacks them, either verbally or physically.
However, what I wasn’t prepared for is my beautiful Hannah growing up and boys taking notice to her.
We were at the Lagoon not long ago when she slid down one of the big slides, swam over to me, chatted for a bit, then got out of the water to go back up the steps to slide down again.
A group of young teenage boys (like 15, maybe 16 years old) began making cat-calls and one even said “Look at that a**.”
“Excuse me? She is 10 years old. TEN YEARS OLD.” I said, as I was near enough to slap them upside their heads (I didn’t, and I want bonus points for that. Because really????)
And then the village idiot of the group said “Yea, but she got that a**.”
Ok, now you’ve disrespected my daughter, and me. And I understand peer pressure, and I am sure he was just showing off for his friends, though the rest of group looked like they were ready to run for the hills and never come back.
“She’s ten, you little puke. You know what they call guys like you oogle ten year olds? Pedophiles, that’s they call them.”
By this time I think I was starting to get through to him, though maybe he was just terrified by the lady that was screaming at him.
I continued my rant, “Ya know what, where is your mother? I’d like for you to tell her what you just said about my ten-year-old daughter. And I’d like to let her know that obviously she didn’t spank your butt enough because you have no control over your mouth and the filth that spills out of it.”
I should point out the rest of group by now is apologizing to me, and saying that they were wrong, and sorry. So very, very sorry. But Village Idiot was just staring at me, kind of “deer in the headlight” like.
“You know what, forget talking to your mom.” When he heard this he let out a huge sigh, kind of like a deflated balloon. But my rant was not over. “Instead, you need to tell her father what you just said about his little girl.”
“What?” He finally found his voice. “No ma’am, please.” (Oh, I see, he finally found his manners. Amazing.) “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”
“Alright, we won’t go find him and tell him what you dirty little mouth said. But you seriously need to think twice before you go spouting off about a girl because every girl out here at this pool, every girl you ever meet, is someone’s little girl- no matter what the age. And no girl deserves that disrespect. Okay?”
“Yes ma’am. I understand.”
“Aright. You boys have a good day.” And will that they all swam off and I literally did not see them for the remainder of our day. I mean, they disappeared, probably hiding off in the deep end watching my every move to see if my husband was some hulk of a man with threatening tattoos. I wonder if they noticed that I was there alone?
Still doesn’t matter, I hope that think twice before they want to make cat-calls to a girl again.  I hope they show restraint. I hope they show they have manners. I hope….