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Saturday, June 9, 2012

That was a bad night, but it was probably worse for Jon!

It’s pitch-black when my eyes fly open. I scan the room, making out the big window to the right of me. I’m still in the master bedroom, which is a little weird since I usually abandon our room due to Corey’s snoring. My heart is slamming in my chest, something is wrong – something woke me up. I listen. There! There it is! Wheezing! And it’s bad. I reach out and feel Jon’s skinny little arm next to me. He must have wandered into our room after we all fell asleep. I glance at the clock: 12:19.  I jump out of bed, scoop him up and head to the living room. As I carry him I listen to his breathing, I have to decide now if I should try to give him a treatment here at the house or get him to Wesley ER. As I sit Jon on the sofa he looks up at me with sleepy eyes “My chest feels tight, momma.” My heart breaks into a million pieces. I run my hand through his hair, “I know, buddy, we’re gonna take care of that.”
Even without my glasses on I hook up the nebulizer with ease, strapping the mask around his face. “Just breathe in, little man.”
With the medicine going I run to grab my phone just in case, just in case….
When I return the hum of the machine has all three cats gathered around, it’s humorous, and it’s what I need, even Jon smiles.  When that tube of albuterol is emptied I listen to his breathing, he’s still wheezing, so we go for another dose.
When the nebulizer runs dry again I turn it off and remove Jon’s mask, listening closely to his breathing. Calvin immediately jumps up and inspects the nebulizer and then Jon; it’s a routine of his. Jon’s lungs are clear.
“Sounds good, buddy.”
The meds do not taste all that good. They leave a pretty bad taste in his mouth, we have discovered that honey after his treatment helps. Plus honey (local) helps with allergies. And Jon is allergic to everything. EVERYTHING!!!!
Here is a pic of his allergy test:

 It's easier to list what he isn't allergic to (cats are one those, big shock!), as well as some molds like penicillin. 
We return to bed, tucking him in close to me so I can listen for anymore attacks through the night. Thankfully no more happen and we all rested well.
According to doctors this year is one of the worse years for asthma, and kids are being hospitalized for it. It's scary, folks, scary!