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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not The Smartest Move

We have a crew of workers here at the house. They have power-washed the house (thank you so much, one less thing we have to do at move out time), and now they have moved on to painting. This job was supposed to take one week. Let me repeat that: ONE WEEK. It's not the whole house, it's just the trim, our house has siding, so the whole house is not needed. Just the trim folks, just the trim. So we coordinated these guys being here during the week that Achilles, our Rottie, would be at training.
He has completed his beginners training at K9 Revolutions, which is run by a super great guy who is also a K9 Police officer, and has now moved on to "home protection" training. This is serious business folks.
Well, that week came and went....and guess what? Achilles came home.
Now the sensible thing would have been to paint the back area while Achilles was gone, right? Am I right? I'm right, aren't I? You know I am! But NOOOOOOOOO! Everyday they rolled up around 9, give or take a half hour and left around noon (not judging, but Ms. Ruby ~ the owner~ came to check on them and was just befuddled as to why they hadn't gotten more done when their 'time sheets' said they were working 7 to 5).
So I see them roll in this morning, and open the side gate and begin creeping around the side of the house. I'm in the living room watching all this.
Guy 1: You see him?
Guy 2: Sssh, man! He'll hear us!
Guy 1: Is he lock up?
Guy 2: I don't know. I can't see him!
*this continues with lots more whispering and more shushing*

Oh, I see what's going on, they are trying to see if Achilles if pinned up. Okay, first off all that they would have to do is knock on the door and ask. Or, even easier just go to the other side of the house where there is a CLEAR VIEW of the pin. Really? This is what we are dealing with folks.

So I pop my head out of the door.
Me: Hey, guys.
*Both of them turn so quickly I'm sure they've done some sort of muscle damage to their bodies.*
I continue: It's probably not the best I idea to try and sneak up on a rottweiler who is being trained on home security. It will not end well.
Guy 1: Si, Si. Okay. But is he there?
Me: He's locked up. But lemme show you something. Come here.
I lead them to the other side of the house and show them that they can clearly see Achilles laying in his pin sleeping.
Guy 1: Ooooh! (then he rambles off something in Spanish to his friend who hits him hard in the arm).
Guy 2: Thank you! Thank you! He is big!
Me: You're welcome. And yes, he is big.

Maybe tomorrow I'll run a test on them and put Achilles in the house just to mess with them. On second thought, I'd better not, then nothing would get done!