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Monday, November 21, 2011

I’m not proud of my outbursts, well not usually

I try not to lose my cool. I am not proud of myself when I do. But here lately I have been teetering on the edge of insanity with these kids. It’s Thanksgiving break and they are already driving me bonkers. Seriously.
Thursday was their last day of school, so basically they have ten days off. I remember back when I was in school, we got four days; Thanksgiving Day, that Friday and then the weekend. When did it leap to ten whole days? Ludicrous I tell ya.
And with Jon recovering from his surgery he isn’t supposed to go play outside, and we aren’t supposed to have kids over – you know, germs and all. So it’s like we are in prison and we’re all driving each other nuts.
Plus, we are on a countdown to leaving to Galveston to spend Thanksgiving with The Hubs’ parents. SO EXCITED! I can hardly wait, and neither can the kids. So that doesn’t help one bit.
But, anyway, the kids are getting a bit testy with each other, and now they trying to pull “get out of my room” and “I only want to play with one of you and I want to exclude the other one” and the best one yet “to get into my room you have to have a password”. This is The Boy’s favorite, and he is only telling my oldest daughter the password which is reducing my youngest daughter to tears, which I could pass off as just life and having siblings but she is also the one that is being excluded. So – yea – no fun for her. And I can feel her pain since I was the youngest in our family as well.
So, and again I am not proud of this outburst, after hearing for the billionth time this morning that The Youngest did not have the proper password in order to enter The Boy’s room where he and his older sister was watching a movie, and after watching her hang her head and walk away from the door slowly I saw red.
“Hey! Ya wanna know what MY password for the whole house is?” I bellowed out. “My password is 'there are no more passwords or you’re gonna get your butt whooped', that’s what it is.”
Jon looked at me for maybe three seconds and said “That’s probably the best password EVER! I’m using that one!”
On a side note, all three kiddos are in his room watching tv happily, so I kinda feel like I won.