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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am not posting that much anymore.
I have lots to write about, trust me- it all bombards me about midnight when I lay down.
And I think to myself "I'm totally gonna write about that tomorrow!" Then the next morning I'm like "Hey, I'm gonna play that new Dream Chronicles game I downloaded ALL DAY LONG. Wait, wasn't there something I was gonna do? Doesn't matter!" Then I go to bed and think "Crap, I did it again!"

Oh, well, NEW YEAR!!!! NEW ME!!!

2012 was crazy. We saw lots of changes. Goodbye Army life, hello civilian life. And trust me, it's different. I'm glad we had that last tour at Camp Shelby so it got us used to not depending so much on the military, because once you are out of the military then government acts like you are the step-child that it never liked in the first place.

We have moved to Texas and love that we are close to family again. Calvin has introduced himself to all the neighbors in his usually style, you know- "Hey you, yea you, see all this stuff here? This stuff right here? It was yours? I say WAS, it's mine now. Yea, I know that technically it's your house and all, but I'd appreciate it if you hear me at the door if you'd go ahead and let me in. I like to change things up a bit, sleep over here one night, over there one night. Resistance is futile." The neighbors seem to tolerate him so far.

The kids are doing great. They love have big classrooms WITH SO MANY KIDS IN EACH ROOM!!!! It really was a culture shock for them.

Ok, so now that all that's out of the way go watch THIS and laugh until you cry (you may want to skip until about 1:10 for this real hilarity to begin, but trust me it's worth it!).