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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kicking It Off

I always said I would start a blog, so here it is.
I have three kiddos still living at the house: Hannah, the fashionista, who is 9.
Jon, the man-child, who wears his heart on his sleeve, who is 7.
And Kimberly (also known as KK) who is ....everything and anything rolled into one and is 5.
They will forever keep me going and will never except "I can't" as an excuse from me. Sometimes I feel our roles as parent/child is reversed (especially with Hannah).
They are "army brats", but not for long, as the hubs only has a little over a year until he drops his retirement paperwork with 25 years in the service. So....yea.....civilian life looms.
I'm proud of my kids, and thought I'd share a pic of them:
Yeppers, I just love those kiddos.
Hopefully I'll make ya'll laugh, and share some wisdom and funny stories. And I hope to hear from you, too.