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Monday, April 8, 2013

There's No Arguing With That Kind of Logic

Jon woke up this morning with a perfectly round blue ink imprint on his cheek and on the back of his hand. When he stumbled to the table for breakfast I asked him about it.
Me: What’s with the tattoo?
Him:  Hhhmmmppphhhh???
Me: The blue circle on your cheek.
Him: (blank stare)
Me: It’s a different look. I would have gone for an eagle, or maybe a dolphin, but a circle is good. It’s definitely different.
Him: (stomping off to the bathroom to have a look. After a few seconds he stomps back into the kitchen, an angry face adorns his face) WHO WROTE ON MY FACE???
(Everyone looks at him like he’s grown a second or possibly a third nose.)
Me: Jon, no one has written on your face.
Him: Oh, SOMEONE has!
Me: Come with me and we’ll get it off. (Off we go to bathroom where I work on his cheek with some of my facial cleanser, that’s when I notice the same perfect blue circle on his hand. I point it out to him.) Look, JJ, there’s another of those blue circles. (He looks at his hand.)
Him: WHO IS DOING THIS TO ME???? (This must be how people feel when aliens abduct them; I’d better try to explain it to him)
Me: Obviously you slept on something last night and it transferred onto your skin.
Him: Uh no! The only thing I slept on last night is my bed!