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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'd like to say things like this is few and far between but then I'd be a liar. Yea.

So, The Hubs and I are sitting in the living room watching some tv last night, the kiddos are behind us coloring and making art on the table. We can clearly see both KK and Jon's bedroom doors from where we sit.
Now let me just say, when we lived in Mississippi we had a real problem with the kids writing on the doors and the walls. I spent a lot of money on Mr Clean Magic Erasers. So when we moved here we sat the kids down and lectured them about how we would beat them be very disappointed if they wrote on anymore walls or doors.
Okay, back to last night. I glanced over to KK's door and there it was: bright pink marker writing on her door- smack, dab in the middle of her door.

Me: Holy mother of all that's pink, look at KK's door.
The Hubs: Huh?
Me: KK's door! She wrote on it!
KK: (running over to her door) No, momma, see! It's on paper! (and with that she magically lifted the pink letters right off the door. Now I could see the bright pink letters were written on white paper that was then placed on a white door. Very tricky on this old lady eyes! The Hubs and I let out a sigh of relief.)
The Hubs: Very good, KK! That is exactly where you write on, paper and not the door! Very, very good! Go ahead and put that back up on your door!

So we watched her smooth the paper back up onto her bedroom door. Hmmmm, that looks odd.

Me: KK, what did you use to make that paper stick to your door?
KK: Glue, duh!